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Karine Flynn


Karine Flynn


Telephone: 07974 558853

Associations & Memberships

  • British Psychological Society
  • Anxiety UK Approved Therapist

Training & Qualifications

  • BSc in Psychology (5-year Psychologist training)
  • Spec in Applied Behaviour Analysis in Counselling
  • MSc in Anthropology

Further training:
– Traumatic Stress Studies with Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk
– Compassionate Inquiry with Dr Gabor Mate
– Treating Complex Trauma with Internal Family Systems with Dr Frank Anderson

About Me

I am an integrative trauma informed Psychotherapist who, for the past 20 years, have been learning, applying and adapting different approaches to get to the bottom of the issues that keep us stuck in life. We will make an in-depth analysis of the issues you bring to our time together, and I will provide you with tools that will foster independence and self-awareness. As a result, you will quickly start implementing new patterns of behaviour, as we continue to work together on the wounds that need healing.

What I Offer

I offer a fresh targeted approach to Counselling, helping my clients with issues that vary from lack of motivation, low mood to depression, anxiety and its disorders (panic attacks, phobias…), low self-esteem, etc. I use a blend of Compassionate Inquiry and Internal Family Systems – whilst using tools from Behaviour Analysis to aid Neuroplasticity – to help you get to the root of your subconscious beliefs.


Coping skills
Relationship issues
Life transitions